Born in Sao Paulo, Francisco Elson Di Celio the son of a master plumber, Francis, and a housewife, Dercy, began his professional life at age 12 selling fruit in the most famous fruit and vegetable market in Sao Paulo.

At 18 he studied technical business administration. Nobody knew, but there arose a great Brazilian entrepreneur.

Young and eager, he gained experience as an intern for banks, worked in Human Resources and collections, but showed a great talent in the sales area.

Shortly afterward, he formed his first company with two partners, during this time, was the victim of a great booty and lost everything, parted ways with the society and took on significant debts of U.S. $ 80,000.00. Among the claimants, were banks, suppliers and employees.

Determined he paid all his debts and started over again, albeit modestly in the basement of his parents home.

The Di Celio Family, an example of union, offered the young Elson all the necessary support for this new phase, when least expected they were all involved in the design of manufacturing continuous forms and folders and in the resale of ferrules hanging folders.

Elson’s determination made sales increase, and he resold folders to various industries among which, not coincidentally was Dello.

At this point came into play a key part of this story of overcoming and success, Mr.Leon Feuerstein, a renowned businessman of the 1980’s had observed unique characteristics in the young Di Celio, such as determination and passion for work. As he had no successors or heirs to manage and continue Dello’s story, Mr. Leon in agreement with his partner, proposed to Elson the idea of buying the company.

Elson said he had no money, but Mr. Leon and his business partner weren’t thinking in immediate financial return, as they indeed had been charmed by this incredible young man.

The purchase of Dello was so unusual that Francisco Elson Di Celio bought the company without any money but managed to pay it all back with hard work.

He has been the company’s owner for the past 16 years and made it one of the 200 fastest growing companies in Brazil, according to the magazine Exame 2010. Together with his team he has had tremendous growth and his hopes and desires for the future are that the company goes from strength to strength.

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    The Dello brand has operated in the paper industry for over 38 years and in 1995, Francisco Elson di Celio took over the administration. The company occupied an area of 500 m², had only 30 employees and manufactured continuous display folders, labels and staples.

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    In 1999, with an increasingly robust expansion, Dello moved to a rented warehouse of 1200 m².

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    In 2001, attracted by the tax policy of The State of Minas Gerais, Elson moved the company to its own headquarters 0f 3500² to a town called Extrema.

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    Dello increases the number of injectors to 25 and inaugurates its new industrial park.

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    Today, the company has 10,000 m² of built area, over 350 employees, more than 80 representatives throughout Brazil, more than 350 items and the following segment divisions: Manufacture of cardboard folders, plastic folders – PP – plastic injection, new rolling unit and importation of innovative products.

    Recently, Dello has acquired a 110,000 m² area for the future expansion of its industrial park

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